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"Ted's comments on my daughter's essay were detailed, thoughtful and full of explicit direction on what she needed to do.  In the words of my daughter, "I'm SO glad we did this, I got NONE of this feedback from my teachers." Ted is an excellent writer and has the rare ability to translate that into the ability to teach others to be the same."

-Tammy from Harrisburg, PA

"As a college admissions officer for more than four decades, I've read thousands of college essays. Dr. Ted Merwin has helped countless students become more expressive in their writing, conveying a sense of purpose and direction in their stories. I recommend Ted to any high school student seeking to win the heart of the dean of admissions."

-Dr. Bob Massa, former Dean of Admissions, Johns Hopkins University

"Ted's comments on my son's essay were spot on. He has a unique ability to understand what someone is trying to write, and help guide them to what they are really trying to say!"

-Bob G. from Dallas, TX

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